Are you starting a new business or looking to expand? Take care of all your commercial vehicle needs with SG Equipment, the premier forklift and commercial vehicle specialists who provide a range of high-quality forklift services.

SG Equipment supplies a diverse range of Yale Forklifts in NZ to purchase both used and new, giving the best options available to their customers. All of SG Equipment’s new forklifts have the latest technology and designs so you can be certain your business won’t be left behind.

They also have a robust forklift lease and hire system in place so that you have the flexibility to find an arrangement that suits the financial pressures of your specific business. Short-term forklift leasing is available for customers who need forklifts for a specific project, and long-term hires are available for customers who are looking for regular fleet services.

For customers with existing forklifts, SG equipment has New Zealand’s best maintenance services with strong supply chains for parts and a team of experts who can help with any mechanical issues that arise. The same expert team maintains the fleet service vehicle so you can be confident in the equipment’s reliability.

For all your commercial vehicle and forklift needs, get in contact with SG Equipment today: